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The Puppets Are Coming to Orlando

The Puppets Are Coming to Orlando

March 04, 2019

The count down is on for SeaWorld’s newest attraction for the youngsters! Sesame Street at Seaworld is opening on March 27th and should be the most unique attraction for your little ones. Teach your children all about your childhood and the pop culture of Sesame Street while immersing yourself in the neighborhood in real time. Take a quick photo on the infamous Stoop 123 and wave at Elmo as you pass by.

This famous street has been around for since the ’60s and we are so excited to bring the real thing to SeaWorld in 2019! These famous puppets are excited to laugh, sing and learn with you and your little ones on your next visit to Orlando. Grab the kids and say your ABC’s because the next stop on the agenda is good ole Sesame Street.