Phenomenal Event Venues in Orlando

From elegant wedding receptions to business conferences and conventions, DoubleTree Orlando at SeaWorld offers 100,000 square feet of Orlando event venues for large gatherings inside and outdoors. Elevate your event to new levels with multipurpose spaces that have earned our tropical Florida resort awards and acclaim.

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  • Palms Promenade
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  • Court

    Host an outdoor gathering under the central Florida sun in our 4,776-square-foot Court space, located on the grass beside our Pavilion venue.

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  • Pavilion

    Sitting adjacent to a group of fire pits your guests can enjoy, the Pavilion offers the ideal space for up to 359 guests outside with the comfort of shade and coverage.

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  • Terrace

    With space for up to 1,078 guests, the Terrace offers an expansive outdoor venue space on the Palms Promenade for large receptions and more.

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  • Veranda

    At 6,140 square feet, the Veranda on the Palms Promenade offers a picturesque space for over 600 guests getting together for banquets, receptions, and more.

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  • Majestic Ballroom

    The resort’s largest ballroom, this exceptionally spacious venue can accommodate up to 1,947 guests for a cocktail reception or up to 2,055 seated theater-style. Featuring 25-foot ceilings, this space can be subdivided into six separate meeting rooms of equal size.

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  • Royal Ballroom

    Within the Palms Conference Center, the Royal Ballroom can be partitioned into three different sections, accommodating up to 300 guests with 3,264 square feet of space.

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  • Diamond Ballroom

    The Diamond Ballroom offers 3,200 square feet of carpeted space within the Palms Conference Center, which can accommodate up to 350 guests and be broken out into two separate spaces.

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  • Sago Boardroom

    The Sago Boardroom is a refined and intimate meeting room for up to 12 guests, making it ideal for board meetings and executive groups.

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  • Sabal Boardroom

    The Sabal Boardroom is another indoor meeting space with room for up to 12 guests, making it a go-to for team meetings and presentations.

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  • Orange Ballroom

    Located in the DoubleTree Conference Center, the Orange Ballroom is an expansive gathering space with room for up to 1,300 guests. The ballroom can be separated into four individual rooms, each accommodating 300 guests.

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  • Magnolia

    At 1,800 square feet, the Magnolia Room is ideal for mid-sized meetings of up to 225 guests and can be partitioned into three different spaces.

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  • Citrus

    The Citrus Room can be separated into two different sections and offers ample indoor space for meetings and events of up to 340 guests.

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  • Cypress

    With 1,800 square feet of space, the Cypress Room offers a sleek, carpeted venue for up to 225 guests. The Cypress Room can be divided into three smaller rooms.

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  • Seagrape Boardroom

    Complete with a flat-screen TV and presenting technology, the Seagrape Boardroom offers a contemporary, indoor meeting room for small groups of up to 10 guests.

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  • Mangrove Boardroom

    The Mangrove Boardroom includes a flat-screen TV, presenting technology, and indoor space for corporate teams of up to 10.

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  • Nautilus Ballroom

    At 3,318 square feet, the Nautilus Ballroom offers a refined gathering space for groups of up to 300 guests and can be partitioned into three individual spaces.

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  • Flamingo

    With 1,008 square feet of space, the Flamingo Room can accommodate conferences and receptions of up to 80 guests.

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  • Harbor Ballroom

    Located within the Tower Conference Center, the Harbor Ballroom features 2,923 square feet of meeting and event space for up to 360 guests. The ballroom can be broken out into three smaller spaces.

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  • Harbor Terrace

    Harbor Terrace offers a sunny outdoor venue with space for up to 120 guests.

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  • Pelican

    At 700 square feet, the Pelican Room accommodates up to 80 guests within the Tower Conference Center.

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