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Have Some Not-So-Scary Dreams About Disney World

Have Some Not-So-Scary Dreams About Disney World

October 07, 2019

It’s a not so scary Halloween here in Orlando. With an influx of kids that join us around the holidays, it's important that all of the parks have something enjoyable for everyone. Some of our more grown-up theme parks around town feature scarier thrills, which are geared mostly to teens and adults. However, we prefer something a little more light and a lot more fun. Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween is definitely our speed and is perfect for the entire family, no matter what age. 

Dress you and your littles up for some innocent Halloween fun. Trick-or-treat around the park and collect as much candy as you can eat before you go and attended all the Halloween-themed attractions. Disney is all about the laughs and the sweet teeth this time of year. They keep the boo’s to a minimum and the haha’s to a maximum. We can’t wait to see you this Halloween for a not-so-scary time!