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Double the Trouble in Orlando

Double the Trouble in Orlando

March 02, 2020

There is double trouble coming to SeaWorld and Aquatica this spring and you need to be the first to know. Two brand new rides are coming to Orlando, and they are sure to give you the thrill of your life! ‘Ice Breaker’ is the newest coaster to be built inside the SeaWorld theme park. This ride is 93-feet high at its tallest point and has one of the steepest vertical drops of any rollercoaster in Florida. The inspiration behind the designed of 'Ice Breaker,' is the icy Arctic summits around the world, more specifically Alaska. Aquatica is also releasing a ride that is the first of its kind in Florida, a dueling water slide by the name of ‘Riptide Race.’ Try to beat your friends and fam down this exciting two-way slide—you’ll be splashing across the finish line a winner no matter who crosses first. Both parks are in the Orlando area and are perfect for two separate day trips—happy riding!