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Slide into Summer Time at Aquatica

Slide into Summer Time at Aquatica

May 06, 2019

It’s getting warmer by the day here in Orlando, which means that it's time to unpack the swimsuit and slather on the sunscreen. If your trip to Orlando includes a stop to SeaWorld, be sure to pencil in a time to swim like the fishes at Aquatica. Aquatica is a partner of the SeaWorld brand and was recently voted as the #1 Waterpark in the entire nation! This park gets an A+ rating from us here too at the DoubleTree for its dynamic ability to bring fun to adults and children at the same exact time. Let your kids be kids and splash around in the shallow wake pools while you and your partner lounge under one of the many cabanas located around the property. If your kids are more in the teenage spectrum, they should have a blast zooming down slides and trying to body surf the waves that come funneling out of the man-made pools. Enjoy a day in the sun that can please each and every person in your family.