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Fangirl over Orlando's July Fûtbol Schedule

Fangirl over Orlando's July Fûtbol Schedule

July 01, 2019

Soccer isn’t just an international sport anymore. Did you know that the city of Orlando has our very own Major League Soccer team? Orlando City Soccer Club was established in 2010 as a United States Eastern Conference team. The love of soccer has always been present all around the world, but it's finally gaining the popularity it deserves in the United States. Orlando City plays other professional teams from all over the country and around the globe. If you’re planning your visit to Orlando in the month of July, you're in luck! Because not only is Orlando City going to have a jam-packed schedule with the end of the season games, but you’ll also get the chance to cheer on the MVPs in the 2019 Major League Soccer All-Star Game on July 31st. Get your body and mind ready, because we think that July might just be one long month full of “GOALLLLS!!!”