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Discover All That Orlando Has to Offer

Discover All That Orlando Has to Offer

February 03, 2020

Orlando is the epicenter of a good time in Florida! With so many unique theme parks to choose from, you could easily spend an entire week in the area without repeating a single activity twice. A park we highly recommend is Discovery Cover. With all the aquatic feel of SeaWorld, it's just one step above the traditional theme park feel. Discovery Cove offers hands-on experiences for learning and interacting with marine life, so your day could consist of swimming with dolphins, barking with sea-lions, or just relaxing on the beach. There are informative classes for the little ones and more mature options for the adults in your party. It's easy to make an entire day out of Discovery Cove, but if you’d like to hit more than one park, there are also bundle options available during your stay.