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Autism Awareness Comes to SeaWorld

Autism Awareness Comes to SeaWorld

April 01, 2019

April is Autism Awareness month and one way that SeaWorld is contributing to that effort is by becoming a Certified Autism Center (CAC), making the park even more inclusive than it already is. SeaWorld has partnered with The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards to help families and guests with special needs on their vacation by ensuring that they are well taken care of and comfortable during their visit to any of the parks. One of the ways that SeaWorld is taking the extra step is by creating a Sensory Guide for all of the rides, as well as low sensory areas throughout the park. They have also certified their staff with special skills so that they are able to cater to all children during demonstrations and one-on-one activities. It’s so fun to see a big park like SeaWorld change and evolve right before our very eyes!